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Customer Testimonials
Audrey (aged 76) from Sutton says :
I would like to say how much I have benefited from the tuition given to me by Tracy of Trajon.

I am 76 years old, and never thought I would ever be able to say I was even slightly ‘computer literate’, but the instructions given to me were very clear, simple and informative.

I can send and receive e-mails and photographs, browse the internet, play games and also keep in touch with friends and family.  I have a printer with which I can copy e-mails received to pass on to my friends.
Janice (aged 59) from Sutton says :
Tracy provided clear step by step instructions which were very easy to follow. She had lots of patience with me, was very helpful and very friendly. There was no rushing and no pressure to do anything.

I felt very comfortable having the tuition in my own home and I would highly recommend Tracy’s services to anyone.
Joan (aged 70) from Sutton says :
I decided to have personal tutoring as I thought I would get more from it . Tracy is very patient , she needs to be. She asks what it is you want to know and has it ready when she gets here. I don’t feel rushed and I feel I’m getting the hang of  it.

Tracy is very nice and friendly and good at her job.
Syd (aged 78) from Sutton says :
I have only known Tracy Welch since December 2009. During the past year I had been thinking seriously about setting up a computer, initially to keep my brain active (being 78 years old). The thought of enrolling on a course with other people made me think twice about keeping up. By chance I picked up a leaflet which offered personal tuition, this appealed to me - no pressure, in my own time, so what could I  lose? Hence Tracy began to fulfil the skills that I required.

Eventually I decided to proceed, a laptop, printer and paper etc. was willingly organised by Tracy and every lesson procedure was built up into my personal file. I could not fault Tracy's knowledge in computing, it was excellent. Tracy insisted that in case of difficulties I only had to telephone her and she would do her utmost to sort out the problem. I have found her punctual and reliable, smartly dressed, well spoken and very conscientious in any task she undertook.

I would certainly recommend Tracy as a first class tutor.    
Anne (aged 67) from Sutton says :
What decided me to purchase a laptop was when I saw Tracy’s leaflet about one-to-one tuition. I felt I would do better that way and I certainly have. I found Tracy arrives on time and is very pleasant and helpful as well as being patient too. There were clear instructions to follow with more added as we progressed. As there is no pressure we can just take our time and Tracy is only a phone call away if I need advice.

I have no hesitation in recommending Tracy, she has given me the gift of learning something new which has enhanced my life. Thank-you.